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Рио де Жанейро. Фотоальбом

Рио де Жанейро. Фотоальбом

Автор: Mario Testino, 200 стр., серия: "Фотоальбомы", издатель: "Taschen", ISBN: 978-3-8365-1858-1

Inspired by the boys and girls from Copacabana. Mario Testino is one of the world's most successful fashion and portrait photographers, whose images are noted for their freshness and intimacy. Peruvian by birth, Testino has been fascinated by Rio de Janeiro since his earliest summer vacations. "When I was 14, on holiday, and going from my house to the beach and seeing everyone walk everywhere in their tiny bathing suits-the girls and boys were so sexy and carefree and wild-I just could not believe it." This easy sensuality, sexual freedom and lust for life left a deep impression; Testino has been going back ever since, for work and fun, passion and inspiration. Featuring candid shots of exquisite cariocas baring nubile flesh, including supermodel Gisele Bundchen, MaRIO DE JANEIRO Testino captures the essence of this incomparably seductive city and its sultry citizens. From its breathtaking sunset panoramas, to the throbbing chaos of its world-famous carnival, this is Testino's love poem to the Brazilian metropolis that captured his teenage heart, and never let go. Features include: - Foreword by songwriter and singer Caetano Veloso - Introduction by actress/TV personality Regina Case - Essay by supermodel Gisele Bundchen - Softcover with plastic jacket-for beach reading-available in yellow, orange or red, inspired by Rio's glorious sunsets! About the photographer: Peruvian-born Mario Testino travels extensively shooting for Vanity Fair, American, British, and French Vogue. Other clients include Burberry, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana and Michael Kors. His solo exhibitions have shown in galleries worldwide, and his work is held in the permanent collections of the National Portrait Gallery and V&A Museum in London, and others. He holds the Medalha Tiradentes, the state of Rio de Janeiro's highest award.
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