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A Classical Journey: The Houses of Ken Tate

A Classical Journey: The Houses of Ken Tate

Автор: Tate Ken, 438 стр., издатель: "Antique Collector Club", ISBN: 978-1-86470-290-3

Following the success of Ken Tate's previous two books with images, this new collection of houses illustrates a splendid diversity of stylistic approaches and range of creative possibilities. The common language is decidedly Classical, yet American architect Ken Tate's personal interpretation and intellectual rigours allow each building to stand apart as an individual work of art - beautiful, livable and utterly engaging. Tate's designs spring from intensive study of his clients and the locales in which they have chosen to build. The character and the preferences of his patrons have led him to create residences in a wide range of styles. A Classical Vision explores the most recent private houses designed by Ken Tate and his colleagues, whose architectural philosophy draws on the vast lineage of architectural styles and conventions throughout history to produce gorgeous contemporary homes.
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