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Baby's First Cot Book - Christmas. Rag Book

Baby's First Cot Book - Christmas. Rag Book

7 стр., издатель: "Usborne", ISBN: 978-0-7460-9882-0

This is a wonderfully festive new cot book for use with babies from birth onwards, designed to provide visual stimulation. The book entirely folds out concertina-style to a double-sided frieze which can be fixed to the inside of a cot using the Velcro tabs attached. Newborns have been proven to prefer sharp, contrasting images due to an inability to completely focus, and so one side features a bold pattern showing a host of simply coloured Christmassy characters including a fairy, penguin, star and snowman with contrasting colour highlights. As babies' focus develops a greater ability to identify colour tones and shades emerges, and so the reverse shows a bright Yuletide scene with Santa and his elves.
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