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Southern Italian Family Cooking: Simple, Healthy and Affordable Food from Italy

Southern Italian Family Cooking: Simple, Healthy and Affordable Food from Italy's Cucina Povera

Автор: Carmela Sophia Sereno, Carmela Hayes, 224 стр., издатель: "Elliot Right Way Books", ISBN: 978-0-7160-2374-6

Healthy food on a sensible budget is important to many of us today but in Southern Italy, la cucina povera has been a philosophy for generations. These are delicious, filling recipes that will become family favourites in your own home, such as: Antipasti - traditional starters, cured meats with bread and vegetables in oil. Slow cooked meals such as ragu - a delicious tomato based sauce with meat. Stuffed peppers, using stale bread and herbs to fill peppers prior to baking. Mussels in a tomato and white wine sauce. Pork cotolette, pork escalopes covered in egg and seasoned breadcrumbs, flash fried. And a range of fabulous desserts for when we want a sweet treat - smooth panna cotta with berries and tasty tiramisu. It's not just about the food; it's about the whole ethos of Italian family life. This books shows you how to be creative with what's available to you and gives you an incredibly healthy way to live and enjoy food with family and friends.
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