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Leap Like the Deer

Leap Like the Deer

Автор: Katie Bose, 384 стр., издатель: "Книга по Требованию", ISBN: 9781907756511

Katie was born in London between the two World Wars. Her father was a Bengali barrister, her grandmother was from an old Cornish family and her grandfather was a famous tuberculosis specialist from Madras. With this multi-cultural background she had a privileged life until the Second World War. After three years at Art school she married an Indian Army Officer. With their small son they traveled across India for five hectic years. Upon returning to England, she was shattered by divorce. Katie fell in love and remarried in the mid-Sixties. She led a jet-setting life through her new husbands job with Air-India. She had two more children and a few years later they moved to Southern California. Five exciting years suddenly end as tragedy strikes. They are forced to return to England, but not before a traumatic story of anguish, distress and an incredible journey which proves that, regardless of the circumstances of the past, determination and a strong sense of family will always...
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