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List of active ships of the Colombian Navy

List of active ships of the Colombian Navy

Автор: Jesse Russell,Ronald Cohn, 106 стр., издатель: "Книга по Требованию", ISBN: 978-5-5094-1857-0

High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! In addition to the usual tasks of a blue water navy, the Colombian Navy (Spanish: Armada de la Republica de Colombia - "ARC") also performs Coast Guard duties, has shared responsibility for patrolling the extensive Colombian network of rivers, and includes the Marine Infantry (IM). Furthermore, its littoral/riverine component is relatively large when compared with the more traditional navies of other countries. Due to this aggregation of duties, some vessels perform routinely and indistinctly as coast guard/combat patrol, particularly those mid-size, lightly armed vessels, and can occasionally be found classified as either Surface combat or Coast Guard or even Logistics/General transport across different sources, even in official documents from the ARC itself. Also, many of the lighter patrol/harbor patrol boats may be assigned or reassigned duties across the different branches with little or no notice depending on service needs. As the ARC...
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