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Longman Pocket Idioms Dictionary

Longman Pocket Idioms Dictionary

310 стр., серия: "Longman Dictionary", издатель: "Pearson Longman", ISBN: 978-0-582-77641-8, 9780582776418

The LONGMAN POCKET IDIOMS DICTIONARY focuses on over 3000 common idioms. It covers frequently used similes and metaphorical idioms with easy to understand meanings, as well as more obscure phrases. The dictionary also provides definitions for many compound nouns that are idioms. Entries may include variations of the main form, opposites, and related adjectives and nouns. An idioms quiz and several blank pages for notes are found at the back of the dictionary. Features: - Over 3000 idioms. - Clear and easy definitions. - Thousands of examples showing real usage. - A unique Activator section visually organizes similar idioms.
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