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Cognitive Psychology

Cognitive Psychology

Автор: Nick Braisby, 704 стр., издатель: "Oxford University Press", ISBN: 978-0-19-927376-8, 9780199273768

- A unique emphasis on the role of methodologies, particularly imaging techniques, gives the student a real flavour of the excitement of contemporary cognitive psychology - The study of cognition is presented in the broader context of themes, challenges, and issues, not just theory, to engage and enthuse the student more readily, and encourage them to take a more critical approach to their subject - Rich pedagogy includes boxes which: - Link the theory of cognitive psychology with aspects of everyday life, presenting material in contexts to which students can relate and understand - Link research findings with the techniques used to elucidate them, to develop the students' awareness and appreciation of scientific method - Chapters from internationally recognised experts have been carefully edited to lead students through the subject in a coherent way - Online Resource Centre includes figures from the book available to download to facilitate lecture preparation, and interactive experiments to enable students to explore material covered in the book in an interactive, problem-based fashion. Cognitive processes enable us to experience the world around us: to recognise familiar faces, to communicate to one another through speech and writing, to feel emotion as we recall memories from the past. Cognitive Psychology provides a dynamic and exciting insight into this illuminating subject, leading us through such topics as attention, memory, judgement and decision making, and introducing us to the latest computational and imaging techniques through which our understanding of these topics is being continually enhanced. With state-of-the-art introductions from internationally recognised experts, Cognitive Psychology conveys a sense of excitement in the subject which will be sure to engage and enthuse any student.
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