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The Law of Marine Insurance

The Law of Marine Insurance

Автор: Bennett Howard, 1080 стр., издатель: "Oxford University Press", ISBN: 9780199273591, 978-0-19-927359-1

- Increased and detailed level of coverage relevant for practitioners - Appendices reproduce relevant legislation, standard forms and clauses and mutual insurance association rules - Clear and accessible writing makes this a user-friendly, time-saving text for practitioners in insurance and shipping fields - Full coverage of commonly used market clauses, including both Institute and International Hull Clauses. New to this edition - Revised structure including a new chapter on interpretation and rectification of insurance contracts The law of marine insurance constitutes a major branch of the law of international trade and shipping law which is of considerable international importance. This new edition gives a clear, updated account of English marine insurance law, combining detailed analysis of modern statute and case law with a clear comprehension of practice and commerce in the shipping world. The discussion embraces not only the constantly evolving case law, but also standard forms and clauses (including the 2003 International Hull Clauses), and the rules of mutual insurance associations. Coverage includes all relevant areas of general insurance contract law as well as all issues of specifically marine insurance law. The entire text of the second edition has been considered afresh and includes significant new or additional material in particular relating to: historical background, insurable interest, policy formation, the doctrine of utmost good faith, premiums, policy interpretation, excluded losses, third party rights, losses, claims, aversion and minimisation of loss, insurers' contribution rights, and composite policies. Presenting a revised structure with the practitioner in mind, this new edition includes a new chapter on interpretation and rectification of insurance contracts.
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