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The Law of Unfair Dismissal

The Law of Unfair Dismissal

Автор: McMullen John, 400 стр., издатель: "Oxford University Press", ISBN: 978-0-19-926972-3, 9780199269723

A portable and lucid guide to the law of unfair dismissal Offers a clear, reliable synthesis of the law of unfair dismissal which is accessible to both junior and senior practitioners and rides above the distracting level of detail in other, more encyclopaedic works Written by the General Editor of the Employment Law Practice Series, an acknowledged expert on employment law This book provides both senior and junior practitioners with an accessible and lucid guide to the law of unfair dismissal. Written in a practical yet authoritative way, the book sets out and explores the context, development and effectiveness of the law, in particular with regard to the ACAS Arbitration Scheme and other methods for resolving disputes at work brought to the fore by the Provisions of the Employment Act 2002. The book completes Professor McMullen's trilogy of texts for employment law practitioners on the core statutory rights.
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