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Land Law

Land Law

Автор: Cooke Elizabeth, 248 стр., издатель: "Oxford University Press", ISBN: 9780199268993, 978-0-19-926899-3

- Provides an introduction to land law and a discussion of the subject's key issues - Designed to be accessible both to students and to the general reader - Encourages the reader to reflect on, and appreciate, the foundations of the subject and how land law continues to evolve - Addresses issues of principle and policy Providing an introduction to land law, this book looks at the way in which the law regulates our relationship with the land on which we walk, work, and live. Land law is about the connections between people and land, and also the relationships between people, jostling for space and allocating resources. As people change, so do the ways they use and think about land, and land law today looks very different from how it did fifty years ago, and in another generation's time it will have changed again. Elizabeth Cooke introduces the building blocks of land law, namely property rights in land, and explains how they have evolved by a mixture of design and accident. These include ownership rights, non-ownership rights, both legal and equitable, and analysis of how these different rights can apply to a single piece of land, and how they are managed and enforced. Throughout the book, the role of registration is central, following the Land Registration Act 2002, and the implications of this Act for English land law are fully explored.
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