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Oxford Handbook of International Business

Oxford Handbook of International Business

Автор: Rugman, 896 стр., издатель: "Oxford University Press", ISBN: 978-0-19-925841-3, 9780199258413

- New paperback edition of this comprehensive survey of international business - 28 chapter contributions from leading international scholars such as John H. Dunning, John Child, Alan Rugman, Bruce Kogut, Peter Buckley, Mark Casson, Eleanor Westney, George Yip, Gordon Redding, etc. - Demonstrates fresh analytical insight and critical thinking - Invaluable resource for academics, students, and professionals The Oxford Handbook of International Business comprises twenty-eight original chapters from the world's most distinguished scholars in the field of international business. United as a whole, these reflect both the present structure of the field and the major intellectual issues of current and likely future interest. Demonstrating analytical insight and critical thinking, the authors are all authorities on their chosen topics and have been active as leaders in the Academy of International Business. Their chapters survey and synthesize relevant literature of recent years, ensuring that the volume will be a primary reference for students and scholars throughout the social sciences. The book is split into five major sections, providing comprehensive coverage of the following areas: the history and theory of the multinational enterprise; the political and policy environment of international business; strategies of multinational enterprises; the financial areas of the multinational enterprise (marketing, finance and accounting, HRM, and innovation); and business systems in Asia, South America, and the transitional economies.
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