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The European Union: A Very Short Introduction

The European Union: A Very Short Introduction

Автор: John Pinder & Simon Usherwood, 224 стр., серия: "Very Short Introductions Series", издатель: "Oxford University Press, USA", ISBN: 978-0-19-923397-7

The European Union is the largest economic entity in the world and one of the largest political entities, with 493 million people in 2006. Fully updated for 2007 to include controversial and current topics such as the Union's enlargement and its role in ongoing world affairs, this accessible Very Short Introduction shows how and why the Union has developed, how its institutions work, and what it does--from the single market to the Euro, and from agriculture to peace-keeping and the environment. Pinder and Usherwood cover the entire history of the Union, examine the momentous changes that have taken place within the Union since 2000, and highlight the benefits, controversies, and lessons learned from programs such as its expansion into central and eastern Europe, and the circulation of the Euro. The book also examines the role of the European Union as a peace-keeper in Europe and beyond, sheds light on how it functions in world politics, looks at its role in supporting the rise of environmental politics, and considers the challenges and choices that lie ahead in the 21st century.
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