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Dictionary of Finance and Banking (синяя)

Dictionary of Finance and Banking (синяя)

Автор: Jonathan Law, 464 стр., серия: "Oxford Paperback Reference", издатель: "OUP General, Oxford University Press", ISBN: 9780199229741, 978-0-19-922974-1, 978-0-199-22974-1

A comprehensive and authoritative dictionary with over 5,100 entries. Over 200 new entries have been added to this edition and it has been fully updated to reflect recent developments in the industry, such as structured finance and the subprime lending crisis. Defines terms from all aspects of personal and international finance, including money markets, private investments and borrowing, foreign exchanges, and public and government finance. Now with expanded coverage of central banking, monetary policy, and financial institutions. Feature entries have been included in this edition for the fuller explanation of topical and complex areas, e.g. Financial Times Share Indexes, and Bankruptcy Law. Recommended up-to-date web links for many entries, accessed via the Dictionary of Finance and Banking website, provide valuable extra information.With clear and accessible definitions, this jargon-free dictionary is a companion volume to the other financial titles in this best-selling series, A Dictionary of Business and Management, A Dictionary of Accounting, and A Dictionary of Economics, and provides accurate and valuable information for students, practitioners, private investors, and readers of the financial pages alike.
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