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Oxford Colour Italian Dictionary Plus

Oxford Colour Italian Dictionary Plus

Автор: Other book format, 640 стр., издатель: "Oxford University Press", ISBN: 978-0-19-921467-9

This is a brand new edition of the Oxford Colour Italian Dictionary Plus. This dictionary is an effective and practical reference tool for students, adult learners, or travellers. It is especially user-friendly, with a colourful design that makes it easy to find the word you are looking for quickly. It also has usage notes, giving you help with tricky and frequently occurring words, verb lists and grammar notes. This edition also sees a completely refreshed and up-to-date centre section. The main focus of this section is to help you build your vocabulary. We have identified the Italian words you most need to know, and they are laid out clearly for you here; you will also find them marked with a handy key symbol in the A-Z text of the dictionary. We also include word games so that you can practise your dictionary skills and learn vocabulary while having fun. The centre section also contains a calendar of holidays and festivals and a brand new A-Z guide to Italian life and culture - ideal for the traveller and those learning about life in Italy.
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