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International Crimes and the Ad Hoc Tribunals

International Crimes and the Ad Hoc Tribunals

Автор: Mettraux Guenael, 480 стр., издатель: "Oxford University Press", ISBN: 978-0-19-920754-1, 9780199207541

- The only analysis of the substantive law of international crimes of the ad hoc tribunals - Provides insight into the making of international criminal law - Reveals the workings of the tribunals The contribution of the ad hoc Tribunals to international criminal law and international justice has been manifold, both academically and historically, and they will continue to influence the findings and decisions of many other courts (both domestic and international), and to provoke discussion for many years to Come. This volume provides the first comprehensive analysis of the law of international crimes as applied by the ad hoc tribunals for the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda. International Crimes and the Ad Hoc Tribunals examines the legal and historical significance of some of the most important judicial developments to occur in the last 50 years in international criminal law. It states the law of the Tribunals, and provides concrete illustrations of the application of the law to a variety of criminal cases, providing a comprehensive and detailed analysis of this voluminous body of jurisprudence. The primary focus is on the jurisdiction ratione materiae of the Tribunals: the definition and application of the law of war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide. However, it also examines the Tribunals' jurisdiction ratione personae, insofar as this enables a full understanding of the law of crimes (for instance, in relation to forms of criminal liability).
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