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A Life of H.L.A. Hart: Nightmare and Noble Dream

A Life of H.L.A. Hart: Nightmare and Noble Dream

Автор: Lacey Nicola, 456 стр., издатель: "Oxford University Press", ISBN: 9780199202775, 978-0-19-920277-5

- Sheds light on the genesis of Hart's ideas and the scale of his contribution to legal and political philosophy - An intellectual history of trends in 20th century legal, social, philosophical, and political thought - Hart's profound personal and professional doubts raise fascinating questions about the nature of intellectual creativity Shortlisted for the 2005 British Academy Book prize, Nicola Lacey's entrancing biography recounts the life of H.L.A. Hart, the pre-eminent legal philosopher of the twentieth century. Following Hart's life from modest origins as the son of Jewish tailor parents in Yorkshire to worldwide fame as the most influential English-speaking legal theorist of the post-War era, the book traces his successive metamorphoses; from Yorkshire schoolboy to Oxford scholar, from government intelligence officer to Professor of Jurisprudence, from awkward batchelor to family figurehead. In the tradition of Ray Monk's biography of Wittgenstein, Nicola Lacey paints an absorbing picture of intellectual and psychological development, of a mind struggling to cope with intellectual self-doubt, uncertain sexuality, a difficult marriage and an anti-semitic society. In depicting the evolution of Hart's life and mind, Lacey provides a vivid recreation of both the intellectual and social climate of Oxford in the post-War era.
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