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CD-ROM. IB Course Companion: Economics

CD-ROM. IB Course Companion: Economics

Автор: Jocelyn Blink, 432 стр., издатель: "OXED", ISBN: 978-0-19-918499-6

The new edition of this bestselling Course Companion has been specifically designed to support the student through the IB Diploma Programme in Economics. Written by experienced authors and examiners for the 2011 syllabus content, this book provides students with materials and activities that will help them towards success in the course. It also offers advice and guidance to help students address the new quantitative elements of the syllabus. It now comes with even more material on a brand new student CD-ROM, offering 17 handy revision sheets, specimen papers, a glossary and weblinks for further research. In addition the book provides activities integrated with study and learning approaches, TOK, and the IB learner profile to ensure that students are fully rounded participants in the programme. Examples, features, and case studies drawn from around the world will also encourage students to develop an international perspective.
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