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IB Course Companion: Chemistry 2Ed

IB Course Companion: Chemistry 2Ed

Автор: Neuss, Geoffrey, 432 стр., издатель: "OXED", ISBN: 978-0-19-913955-2

The extremely popular IB Diploma Course Companion for Chemistry has been thoroughly revised and updated. Still uniquely developed with the IB for the latest (2007) syllabus, all of the features from the first edition have been retained - including the wider aims of the IB through connections to TOK, international-mindedness and the IB learner profile. With material integrated to include international and historical perspectives, students will be encouraged to think critically and make connections to other subjects and to world issues. Data-based question and ideas for practical experiments reinforce learning. Now in colour, more diagrams and photographs have been included to illustrate the concepts discussed and to place the subject in context. The CD material has been designed to enhance the book content. There are interactive multiple choice quizzes for each chapter to allow students to check their comprehension. Full answers to questions in the book are included. Complete details of practicals on core topics which students can perform in a laboratory to extend and consolidate their knowledge of topics.
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