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Wild reads : Elephants

Wild reads : Elephants

Автор: Paul May, 32 стр., серия: "Wild Reads Series", издатель: "Oxford University Press, OXED", ISBN: 978-0-19-911928-8, 978-0-199-11928-8

This marvellous book about elephants covers a wide range of topics. Chapter 1 tells the heart rending story of a family of elephants from the baby elephant protected by its mother to the grandmother elephant who is coming to the end of her life. Packed with facts and illustrations (did you know that elephants get through six sets of teeth in their lifetime, and that each tooth is the size of a brick?!) this is a wonderful introduction to the animal world for young readers. For real elephant enthusiasts this book also suggests websites and places to visit to find out even more! Other titles in this series: Big Cats, Spiders, Frogs and toads, Bees, Dinosaurs, Wolves, Snakes, Sharks, Rats, Whales and Crocodiles.
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