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Oxford First Arabic Words

Oxford First Arabic Words

Автор: Melling, David, 48 стр., серия: "First Dictionar", издатель: "Oxford University Press", ISBN: 978-0-19-911135-0

Whether your child is learning English or Arabic, Oxford First Arabic Words gives your child a head start in learning another language by taking a picture-book journey through a day, with familiar settings, everyday things, and cute little dinosaurs. There is a bird's eye view of getting ready for school in the morning, the journey to school, inside the classroom, a birthday party, and even a trip to the seaside. As a first picture word book, this is perfect for children and their language teacher, or native speaker, to share together picking out the familiar items, playing the matching game, recognizing numbers, shapes and time words. It is ideal for supporting the language skills children are learning in school, language clubs, and for those learning English as a 2nd language. Over 400 Arabic words and their English translations are given next to their illustrations, on every page. There is also an expertly-levelled supplementary section at the back - a picture/word matching game, counting the ladybirds up to twenty, shapes, opposites, weather, time, and a comprehensive index. The David Melling (The Kiss that Missed, Fidget and Quilly) illustrations make this an adorable first bilingual word book.
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