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Oxford Dictionary of Musical Terms

Oxford Dictionary of Musical Terms

Автор: Alison Latham, 224 стр., издатель: "Oxford University Press", ISBN: 978-0-19-860698-7

Printed music and writing about music involve the use of complex systems of notation and a wealth of technical terms in several languages. The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Musical Terms provides clear, succinct, definitions of a comprehensive range of the musical terms, in English and other European languages, that are likely to be encountered in Western music. Over 2,500 A-Z entries range across a spectrum of subjects, among them: rhythm, metre, forms, genres, pitch, scales, chords, harmony and counterpoint, notational systems, composition and analysis, performance practice, tempo, expression, musical periods, artistic movements, computer applications, acoustics, and many more. Entries provide etymologies, and are fully cross-referenced. Some are illustrated with music examples and tables. An appendix lists all composers mentioned in the Dictionary, with their dates. It is an ideal book for students and teachers of music - it covers all the terms required in the SMAB musical theory exams - as well as for professional musicians, those learning to play musical instruments, and members of choirs, and musical groups. It will also be a useful quick reference book for concert-goers, CD-collectors, and radio listeners.
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