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Oxford Paperback French Dictionary

Oxford Paperback French Dictionary

Автор: Michael Janes, Rosalind Combley, Catherine Roux, Laura Wedgeworth, 480 стр., издатель: "Oxford University Press", ISBN: 9780198605164, 978-0-19-860516-4

- Brand-new text with over 100,000 words, phrases, and translations - Completely revised and updated to cover the latest vocabulary - Warning symbols make slang and informal language instantly identifiable - Special layout and usage notes provide extra help with translation of frequently-used words - Verb tables at the back for easy access - ISBNs 0-19-280014-0 and 0-19-860331-2 are replaced by this edition. This major new edition of the Oxford Paperback French Dictionary has been completely revised and updated to cover the latest vocabulary: *Over 100,000 words, phrases, and translations: up-to-date coverage of all the essential vocabulary *Special treatment of key words: frequently-used words, which are the building blocks to learning the language, are given a special layout and usage notes to help users deal with them correctly *New warning symbols: slang and infomal words and expressions are instantly identifiable *Also includes: guide to French pronunciation and French verb tables.
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