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Oxford Dictionary Of Astronomy (Revised Edition)

Oxford Dictionary Of Astronomy (Revised Edition)

Автор: Ian Ridpath, 528 стр., издатель: "Oxford University Press", ISBN: 978-0-19-860513-3, 9780198605133

- Revised edition providing up-to-date coverage of recent space exploration and discoveries - 4,000 entries from astrophysics and cosmology to galaxies and time - Edited by Ian Ridpath, renowned author and broadcaster - World-wide coverage of telescopes and observatories - Biographical entries on eminent astronomers from Ptolemy to Hubble New to this edition - The newly named moons of Jupiter - New entries on all the most recent space missions, for example Dawn and Deep Impact This revised edition contains 4,000 up-to-date entries written by an expert team of contributors, under the editorship of Ian Ridpath, renowned author and broadcaster. Covering the most recent space exploration missions and latest technological development, this authoritative dictionary covers everything from astrophysics to galaxies and time. World-wide coverage of observatories and telescopes, and major entries on supernova, Big Bang theory, and stellar evolution, make this an invaluable reference source for students, professionals, and the amateur astronomers. The entries are supported by numerous tables and diagrams, and the dictionary also features biographical entries on eminent astronomers. Appendices include tables of Apollo lunar landing missions and the constellations.
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