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Project X: Phonics Pink: 1a Tap, Tap!

Project X: Phonics Pink: 1a Tap, Tap!

Автор: Janice Pimm, 12 стр., издатель: "Oxford University Press, OXED", ISBN: 978-0-19-847977-2, 978-0-198-47977-2

These books are ideal for early readers to help broaden their vocabulary and give them confidence with sounds and words as they learn to read. Introduce and practise new sounds and tricky words in the five Exploring Letters books. Then read the accompanying fiction and non-fiction titles for each book. Read five exciting, action-packed micro-adventures featuring the familiar Project X characters, Max, Cat, Ant and Tiger. Find out what happens when Max and Ant explore inside a sandcastle in Tap, Tap. Relax in the sun with Cat and Tiger in Tiger's Dip, or run round an assault course in Sock Sacks. Take a ride with Cat and Cog Dog and leap into action in Hop it! Also explore a variety of subjects with our fun, phonic non-fiction titles: Pat, Tap, Pat, Tim's Trip, Dogs, In the Pens and On the Bus. Each book is designed for adults to read to children with appropriate text for children to read, plus there are lots of ideas for talk and other activities to make the learning fun.
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