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At Home With Handwriting 2 (Age 6-7)

At Home With Handwriting 2 (Age 6-7)

Автор: Ackland Jenny, 32 стр., серия: "At Home with", издатель: "Oxford University Press, OXED", ISBN: 978-0-19-838648-3, 978-0-198-38648-3

At Home with Handwriting 2 contains handwriting practice for children to do at home. Each page contains carefully levelled writing exercises for the 6-7 year old to improve their letter formation and practice joined up letters to write words. The pages are clear, illustrated, and fun. Working through these exercises is an easy way to boost children's confidence at school - the step-by-step activities are simple enough to work on their own, or equally perfect to do together with an adult giving encouragement.
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