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EC Competition Procedure

EC Competition Procedure

Автор: Jorgens Konstantin J., 1744 стр., издатель: "Oxford University Press", ISBN: 978-0-19-826889-5, 9780198268895

- A fresh and detailed new perspective on this vital subject for specialists in the competition law field - Coverage extends beyond procedures in respect of Article 81 and 82 to practice and procedure in respect of mergers, state aid, public undertakings and EEA matters - Reliable and easy-to-consult source of information written by experts familiar with the practical aspects of the relevant procedures - Exhaustive coverage of the case-law and doctrine and user-friendly layout and format - Clear and concise language makes it accessible to experts and non-experts alike New to this edition - New coverage of Merger Control Procedure, Procedure for Public Undertakings, and State Aid Procedure This is the second edition of a key analytical commentary on the competition procedures of the EC, written by a distinguished editor and contributor team with extensive experience in the area. It provides the reader with an exhaustive account of the relevant rules, which includes a completely revised and updated analysis of antitrust procedure in the wake of the modernization of EU competition law. The reader is given a detailed discussion of the Commission's package of regulations and guidelines and their interaction in practice, in a field where new rules have caused a major change and the need for practitioners to reorientate themselves. The section on antitrust rules will be complemented by new sections on procedures for public undertakings, merger control, and state aid. As a practical guide to procedure it focuses upon the implementation of the regulatory framework by the Commission and the relevant case law of the European Courts. It will prove an indispensable source of guidance for all practitioners involved in competition proceedings before the European Commission and national competition authorities.
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