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The History of Jazz

The History of Jazz

Автор: Gioia Ted, 480 стр., издатель: "Oxford University Press", ISBN: 978-0-19-512653-2, 9780195126532

A panoramic history of jazz, from slave dances in Congo Square to post-modern jazz at the Knitting Factory Jazz is the most colourful and varied art form in the world and it was born in one of the most colourful and varied cities, New Orleans. From the seed first planted by slave dances held in Congo Square and nurtured by early ensembles led by Buddy Bolden and Joe `King' Oliver, jazz began its long winding odyssey across America and around the world, giving flower to a thousand different forms -- swing, bebop, cool jazz, jazz-rock fusion -- and a thousand great musicians. Now, in The History of Jazz , Ted Gioia tells the story of this music as it has never been told before, in a book that brilliantly portrays the legendary jazz players, the breakthrough styles, and the world in which it evolved. From the rent parties of Harlem to the after-hours spots in Kansas City, Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington to Wynton Marsalis and Pat Metheny, this book captures all the vibrant colours of jazz on one glorious palate.
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