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English Zone 1. Student's Book

English Zone 1. Student's Book

Автор: David Newbold, Rob Nolasco, 96 стр., серия: "English Zone", издатель: "Oxford University Press", ISBN: 978-0-194-61800-7, 978-0-19-461800-7

English Zone - A four-level course for every class. English Zone is aimed at students aged 10-14. It provides lessons that are easy to teach and easy to learn. It’s clear approach to language learning helps students build on what they already know and develop their skills with confidence. English Zone has: • Great storylines with lots of lively dialogues. • Simple, clear grammar presentations and plenty of practice. • Interesting Culture Zones with engaging projects. • Fun songs, games and puzzles. • Constant recycling and revision. English Zone 1 consists of: - Student's Book. - Workbook with CD-ROM. - AudioCD with all the Student's Book listening material and songs. - Teacher's Book with photocopiable material. - Flashcards.
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