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Big City 1 Students' Book

Big City 1 Students' Book

Автор: Hutchinson T., 64 стр., серия: "Big City", издатель: "Oxford University Press", ISBN: 978-0-19-459203-1, 9780194592031, 978-0-194-59203-1

A series of videos for those working or training to work in a business environment. Level: Elementary Overview Big City combines factual reports with a dramatized story to introduce students to Business English in context. Who is it for? Suitable both for pre-experience students and students already in work. How can it be used? To accompany the Business Basics course. As a supplement to any business or general English course at the appropriate level. Key features Factual reports look at major companies and illustrate business themes such as branding, marketing success, customer service, and adapting to change. Dramatized story demonstrates situational language and effective communication in a contemporary business context/environment. Support materials enable learners to understand the video and express their own opinions and ideas.
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