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Business Basic New Students' Book

Business Basic New Students' Book

Автор: David Grant, Robert McLarty, 176 стр., серия: "Business Basics", издатель: "Oxford University Press, USA", ISBN: 978-0-19-457340-5, 9780194573405, 978-0-194-57340-5

An updated edition of this complete first course in English for business. Business Basics now leads on to Business Focus - the new course for pre-intermediate Business english students. Key features The material features real companies and individuals, and authentic texts, providing relevant study for Business English students. The new edition contains 90% new material, providing a fresh and updated context for the language work. The syllabus remains language-driven, giving learners the thorough grounding in basic structures and skills which they need at this level. A new pronunciation syllabus provides work on word and sentence stress, intonation, and other areas such as contracted speech which learners at this level often find problematic. Each unit covers a theme of general relevance in the business world, such as 'Dealing with Problems' and 'New Developments.' The units are now even in length, with clear headings to identify different types of activities. 12 units, divided into short, manageable sub-sections detailed Contents map Language File at the back, cross-referenced to the relevant unit sections a revised and extended glossary a guide to pronunciation
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