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Hotline New Elementary (Workbook)

Hotline New Elementary (Workbook)

Автор: Hutchinson Tom, 94 стр., серия: "New Hotline Elementary", издатель: "Oxford University Press", ISBN: 978-0-194-35760-9, 9780194357609, 978-0-19-435760-9

A four-level teenage course combining exciting new material with all the features that made the original Hotline so popular. - The unique loopback structure ensures constant revision and a realistic pace to the syllabus. A new photocopiable end-of-unit test for each unit consolidates the revision process. The grammar-based syllabus presents new structures using a problem-solving approach. This encourages students to think about how the language works and creates the basis for a deeper understanding of the structures. A new, comprehensive 'Grammar reference' section provides reinforcement. - It encourages students to develop learning strategies and take more control of their own learning. A new 'Learning to learn' feature begins each unit, sharpening the focus on learner development. - An engaging photostory about a group of British teenagers (Victoria Road) presents modern English in a lively and motivating way that invites cross-cultural comparisons. - Reading and listening topics have a balance of cross-curricular themes and teenage interest. - From Elementary level, guided writing sections are introduced to develop writing skills. - There is greater emphasis on pronunciation work, with expanded pronunciation activities and reading texts recorded on cassette to give useful pronunciation models. - Project work provides opportunities for students to practise all four skills and to apply English to their own personal worlds in motivating, creative ways. New 'Project workshops' provide more support for projects. - It is designed to be equally effective in mixed-ability classes with many activities, including interaction and project work, which allow students to work at their own pace and gain a satisfying sense of achievement. - It can be started at beginner level with New Hotline Starter or at false-beginner level with New Hotline Elementary where students have already studied some English and have a basic vocabulary.
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