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Super Me 2. Fun Book

Super Me 2. Fun Book

Автор: Lucia Tomas, Vicky Gil, 63 стр., серия: "Super Me", издатель: "Oxford University Press", ISBN: 978-0-194-11814-9, 978-0-19-411814-9, 9780194118149

A two-level course that allows language to emerge naturally through songs, pictures, stories, and activities. - It creates a lively classroom atmosphere that encourages children to participate actively in every lesson. - The action centres around the adventures of an appealing group of children, their imaginary friend, their teddy, and their dog. The themes are central to children's lives and stimulate their imaginations. - New language is presented through chants, songs, pictures, and stories. There are no words in the Class Book, so children can concentrate on developing listening skills by linking the illustrations with what they hear. - A range of activities - drawing, craft work, games, and music - caters for different teaching techniques and situations while keeping young learners interested and involved. - Each unit has a story in the accompanying Story Book. The children follow the pictures and listen either to the teacher or the cassette in an enjoyable whole-class activity. The children have the pleasure of a shared experience, and the teacher is able to keep the ending a surprise. - The humorous, colourful illustrations maintain a high level of motivation.
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