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The Oxford History of the British Army

The Oxford History of the British Army

Автор: Chandler, 504 стр., издатель: "Oxford University Press", ISBN: 9780192803115, 978-0-19-280311-5

- Distinguished team of contributors which includes former servicemen and expert military historians - Debates the future role of the British army at home and abroad - Each chapter can be read as a self-contained piece. - The most authoritative and comprehensive history of the British Army available - ideal reading for military enthusiasts. - Chronologically structured, but with additional chapters covering themes such as the British army in India, and the amateur military tradition. From longbow, pike, and musket to Challenger tanks, from the Napoleonic Wars to the Gulf Campaign, from the Duke of Marlborough to Field Marshal Montgomery, this stimulating and informative book recounts the history of the British army from its medieval antecedents to the present day. Commanders, campaigns, battles, organizations, and weaponry are all covered in detail within the wider context of the social, economic, and political environment in which armies exist and fight, making this the definitive one-volume history of the British army for specialists and non-specialists alike.
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