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I Love My Cloth

I Love My Cloth

Автор: Амбер Стюарт, 32 стр., издатель: "Oxford University Press", ISBN: 978-0-19-279210-5

Bean is a little rabbit. Although she's getting bigger every day, she is sure that she will never, ever be too big for her Cloth. So when Mummy and Daddy try to persuade her, very gently, that perhaps she can stop carrying Cloth everywhere with her, Bean decides she must hide Cloth in a safe place to protect it from being taken away. But the trouble with hiding things in very safe places is that they can't always be found again and Bean has to face her first bedtime without Cloth. Naturally, Bean doesn't like being without her Cloth but, day by day, she learns to let go. Then one day, a long time later when Bean is out playing with her friends, she sees a little baby fox cub cuddling her Cloth. Feeling happy for the little fox cub and not at all envious that he now has her Cloth makes Bean feel very grown up indeed!
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