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Boris Goes Camping

Boris Goes Camping

Автор: Weston, Carrie, 32 стр., издатель: "OXED Children's Books", ISBN: 978-0-19-278979-2

Miss Cluck is taking her class camping. There are various mishaps along the way - the little mice find it difficult to keep up, then Maxwell drops his Teddy in the stream while they play pooh-sticks. Each time, Boris comes to the rescue - earning him praise from Miss Cluck and his classmates. Eventually the animals find a lovely spot for their tepee and they spend the afternoon decorating it before setting off to gather berries for supper. But... when they get back to their lovely tepee, they discover that... 'Someone had scribbled on the sides. Someone had drawn a moustache on Miss Cluck's face. Someone had pulled down the sticks... And someone was going to be in BIG trouble!' The culprits are two naughty wolf cubs and they laugh in the face of Miss Cluck's reprimands (after all, since when have wolves been scared of chickens?) but they soon lose their bravado when Boris steps in with his big bear grin. So Miss Cluck and her pupils reclaim their tent and, after an evening of songs and stories, they're ready for bed. There isn't much room in the tepee once Boris has settled down, but no one minds a bit, after all, they all have a soft, cosy place to sleep!
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