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Pippi Longstocking. Gift Edition

Pippi Longstocking. Gift Edition

Автор: Astrid Lindgren, серия: "Pippi Longstocking", издатель: "OXED Children's Books", ISBN: 978-0-19-278241-0

This beautiful edition of the children's classic Pippi Longstocking is illustrated throughout with wonderful collage pictures from the award-winning Lauren Child. The contemporary design, imaginative layout of the text, and stunning illustrations from Lauren Child all add up to a perfect gift purchase. When the book published in hardback, it gathered many wonderful reviews, including this one from Books for Keeps: 'Lauren Child is the perfect choice to illustrate this handsome, large format edition of Pippi... her unmistakeable illustrative style helps to bring a modern feel to the book.' Pippi lives in Villa Villekulla with a horse, a monkey, and a big suitcase full of gold coins. The grown-ups in her village try to make Pippi behave in ways that they think a little girl should, but Pippi has other ideas. She would much rather spend her days arranging wild, exciting adventures to enjoy with her neighbours, Tommy and Annika, or entertaining everyone she meets with her outrageous stories. Pippi thinks nothing of wrestling a circus strongman, dancing a polka with burglars, or tugging a bull's tail and her wildly unconventional lifestyle is matched by Lauren's free-spirited illustrations.
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