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My First Oxford Book of Christmas Poems

My First Oxford Book of Christmas Poems

Автор: Foster, John, 96 стр., издатель: "OXED Children's Books", ISBN: 978-0-19-276353-2, 0192763539

Imagine a sparkling quilt of snow or a frosted window pane, listen out for carol singers or the sound of Santa's sleigh, and follow a star to find a baby in a stable. Here is a festive collection of poetry for children, with poems from Charles Causley, Eleanor Farjeon, Berlie Doherty, A.A. Milne, and many more. Beautifully illustrated by Mark Marshall, Joanne Partis and Melanie Williamson, these are poems to enjoy again and again: from opening the first window on an advent calender to putting away the Christmas decorations on twelfth night. A must for every bookshelf, whether at home or at school.
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