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Winnie Under the Sea (+ Audio CD)

Winnie Under the Sea (+ Audio CD)

Автор: Thomas, Valerie; Paul, Korky, 32 стр., серия: "Winnie", издатель: "OXED Children's Books", ISBN: 978-0-19-275749-4

Winnie and Wilbur whizz off for a holiday at the seaside. Winnie can't wait to dive in and explore life under the sea but Wilbur isn't so sure. Water is very wet after all and he feels quite at home dozing on land. But Winnie has an idea. ABRACADABRA! Wilbur has been turned into a cat-fish! Suddenly Wilbur doesn't mind getting wet and he's having so much fun that Winnie decides to turn herself into an octopus so they can swim with the fishes together. But oh no! Winnie drops her wand and it sinks out of sight. They must find the wand or risk being sea creatures forever. After a thorough search of the ocean they find it in a shipwreck at the bottom of the sea and Winnie uses her magic so they can enjoy the ocean safely, as a witch and a cat. This edition comes with an audio CD where the story is narrated over an imaginative soundtrack of music and effects. Join Winnie and Wilbur under the sea for another irresistible adventure.
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