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Коготь дьявола (на английском языке)

Коготь дьявола (на английском языке)

Автор: Prue Sally, 160 стр., издатель: "Oxford University Press, OXED", ISBN: 978-0-192-75310-6, 978-0-19-275310-6

Stevie is off on holiday with his parents and his younger sister. On the beach, he finds a 'devil's toenail', a strange, weathered stone. he decides to pretend that it gives him a special power, and hopes it will help him do something to impress the gang he wants to join. Nothing goes as planned, but through the story, told in Stevie's own, distinctive voice, we realize why it's so important for him to be accepted by the gang - and why, ultimately, it's even more important that he rejects them. BLSally Prue's first novel, Cold Tom, was published in January 2002 to instant acclaim and fantastic sales BLTitle-specific microsite for Cold Tom will include details of the new title, with sample chapter and author interview
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