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When Chico Went Fishing

When Chico Went Fishing

Автор: Tzannes, Robin; Paul, Korky, 32 стр., издатель: "OXED Children's Books", ISBN: 978-0-19-272994-1

Chico's father is an expert at fishing. He has a proper fishing rod, and a very expensive fishing kit. But when Chico asks to go along on his father's fishing trip, the answer is 'no'. Chico will talk too much and scare the fish away, his father says. He'll fidget and fuss, and get in the way. Off his father goes with his fishing tackle, through the jungle to make a catch. Close to tears, Chico sets off alone along a different route. 'I'm not too young! I could sit still! I wouldn't scare the fish away!' he says. And by the time he reaches the river he is determined to prove just that... Meanwhile, Chico's father finds that preparation is not always the key to success, with hilarious results. There is much to delight in this tale of clever, resourceful Chico, and his not-so-wise - nor lucky - father in their fishing endeavours.
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