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Winnie's Magic Moments

Winnie's Magic Moments

Автор: Thomas, Valerie; Paul, Korky, 80 стр., серия: "Winnie", издатель: "OXED Children's Books", ISBN: 9780192729071, 978-0-19-272907-1

Life is never dull for Winnie the Witch! There's the time she is getting ready to perform at the witches' magic show but then accidentally puts her magic wand in the washing machine, along with her party dress. It comes out crumpled and certainly not in working order! And there's the day Winnie decides to load all her magic onto her new computer and throw away her book of spells, only to discover that the computer has disappeared into thin air, taking her precious Wilbur with it! And, if that were not enough, there's the outing Winnie arranges for herself and Wilbur to go to the seaside. What should have been a relaxing day at the beach turns into a crisis when Winnie's broomstick is swept out to sea. Three of Winnie and Wilbur's best-loved escapades for young readers are here to enjoy in one bright beautiful book.
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