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Pocket's Christmas Wish

Pocket's Christmas Wish

Автор: Ann Bonwill, 32 стр., серия: "Children's Books", издатель: "Oxford University Press", ISBN: 978-0-19-272820-3

It is Pocket's first Christmas. When he goes out into the snow to play with his brothers and sisters, he discovers a sparkling snow angel. It has been left by some children and their footprints wind away from the snow angel's skirt. Pocket asks the snow angel if she knows the meaning of Christmas but, of course, she does not answer. So Pocket decides that if he follows the footprints, they will surely lead him to discover the meaning of Christmas and he hops off. As Pocket follows the footprints his senses are filled with cheer-seeing his happy brothers and sisters playing on the frozen pond, hearing a little bird's joyful song, smelling the fresh wintry scent in the air, tasting the cold snowflakes on his tongue, feeling soft pine needles under his paws-but it is only when he reaches the children's cottage, and a carrot is placed on the doorstep for him, that he comes to an understanding of the meaning of Christmas. For, in sharing the carrot with a hungry wood mouse, Pocket knows the gift of giving. This is a gentle story that captures the real spirit of Christmas and celebrates those sentiments cherished by readers of all ages, particularly during the festive season.
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