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Winnie in Winter (+ Audio CD)

Winnie in Winter (+ Audio CD)

Автор: Valerie Thomas, 32 стр., издатель: "Oxford University Press", ISBN: 978-0-19-272670-4

Winnie the Witch is tired of winter. She's tired of shivering in the cold and looking out at her garden covered in snow. And Wilbur is tired of frozen fur and whiskers. So Winnie uses a little magic to bring summer and sunshine to her house. But just as she settles down in her deckchair... hordes of people arrive. They are fed up with winter, too. But with the unruly crowd comes noise, and mess, and chaos! Winnie grows increasingly indignant. Why should all these people spoil her summer? Winter may be cold, but at least it's peaceful. So Winnie summons back the snow to make her unwelcome visitors disappear. This is a great story that really conjures the contrast of frozen winter and scorching summer and the sounds of crunching through snow, Christmassy themes, summery birdsong. and sun-seeking revellers are just some of the wonderful additions to the narration of "Winnie in Winter" on the accompanying audio CD.
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