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Winnie's New Computer (+ Audio CD)

Winnie's New Computer (+ Audio CD)

Автор: Thomas Valerie, 32 стр., издатель: "Oxford University Press", ISBN: 978-0-19-272667-4

Winnie the Witch is very pleased with her new computer. She spends hours exploring just what it can do and even orders herself a new wand on the Internet. Winnie becomes so wedded to technology that she decides to throw away her book of spells and her old wand - from now on all her magic will be at the click of a mouse! Then, while Winnie is asleep, Wilbur tries to pounce on the computer mouse and strange things start to happen. Winnie wakes up to discover she has no cat, no computer and no way of getting either of them back because the dustmen have just collected her rubbish. She watches helplessly as her book of spells and wand disappear into the dustcart. But help is at hand - her new wand is delivered in the nick of time and Winnie manages to get everything back to normal... well, almost! This hilarious Winnie story is perfect for the digital age and the sounds of whirring computers and scanners, Wilbur's hisses, squeaking mice and clattering dustbins are just some of the wonderful additions to the narration of Winnie's New Computer on the accompanying audio CD.
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