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Fountain El WB #ост./не издается#

Fountain El WB #ост./не издается#

Автор: Lawley Jim, 64 стр., серия: "Fountain", издатель: "Pearson ELT UK", ISBN: 9780175565269, 978-0-175-56526-9

"Fountain" is a four-level course for students in their early teens, specifically designed for large, mixed-ability classes in secondary schools. The complete course takes students from beginner to intermediate level. The course is intended to be easy both to use and to teach. Each lesson has clear aims. Tasks are straightforward and easily understood and carried out by students. The layout is clear and uncomplicated so that students can find their way around without difficulty. There is also a summary of all grammar covered at the end of each unit. Topics in "Fountain" have been chosen to appeal to 12-14 year olds by being related to their lives and interests. The main characters in the "Coursebook" are of about the same age as the students themselves and are involved in doing things familiar to them such as describing friends and family, talking about their leisure activities, and learning about subjects such as literature, history, geography, and maths. The last lesson of every unit has a functional/skills focus, and there a range of language games and puzzles to maintain interest. The course has a carefully graded structural/functional syllabus, with gentle progression and constant recycling of material in new contexts. Almost all lessons include practice in the four skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing.
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