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Long Live Princess Smartypants

Long Live Princess Smartypants

Автор: Babette Cole, 32 стр., серия: "Young Puffin story books", издатель: "Puffin Books", ISBN: 978-0-141-38033-9

A modern fairy tale for the twenty-first century and a second adventure for the irrepressible and highly popular Princess Smartypants. Princess Smartypants has decided she'd like to have a baby but doesn't want the husband to go with it. The King and Queen will not hear of such a plan and attempt to take her mind off it by keeping her busy. However, a crackly telephone line and a mixed-up grocery list result in Smartypants getting the baby she wants - until she discovers he has super-human strength and begins to wreak havoc around the Royal palace. Perhaps looking after a baby on her own isn't going to be as easy as she thinks! However, the baby is seen by Princess Smartypants's enemy, Prince Rottenghut, as a pawn in a plot to get his revenge and is duly kidnapped. Princess Smartypants launches a counter-attack to rescue her baby - will she see her baby again?
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