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NA:Ginsberg A:COLLECTED POEMS 1947-1997

NA:Ginsberg A:COLLECTED POEMS 1947-1997

Автор: Allen Ginsberg, 1216 стр., издатель: "Penguin", ISBN: 978-0-141-19018-1

This is the only volume to bring together all of Allen Ginsberg's published verse in its entirety, celebrating half a century of brilliant work from one of America's greatest poets. Presented chronologically, it sets Ginsberg's verse against the story of his extraordinary life: from his most famous landmark works Howl and Kaddish to the poems of White Shroud and Cosmopolitan Greetings , and on to his later writings such as the caustically funny Death and Fame , the provocative New Democracy Wish List and the elegiac Things I'll Not Do (Nostalgia) .Ginsberg, as chief figure among the Beats, fomented a social and political revolution, yet his groundbreaking verse also changed the course of American poetry with its freewheeling spontaneity, rawness, honesty and energy. Also containing illustrations by Ginsberg's artist friends, illuminating notes to the poems, original prefaces and photographs, this is the essential record of one of the most influential voices in twentieth century poetry.
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