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NA:Solzhenitsyn A:ONE DAY OF THE LIFE...

NA:Solzhenitsyn A:ONE DAY OF THE LIFE...

Автор: Alexander Solschenizyn, 144 стр., серия: "Penguin Modern Classics", издатель: "Penguin", ISBN: 978-0-141-18474-6

This brutal, shattering glimpse of the fate of millions of Russians under Stalin shook Russia and shocked the world when it first appeared. Discover the importance of a piece of bread or an extra bowl of soup, the incredible luxury of a book, the ingenious possibilities of a nail, a piece of string or a single match in a world where survival is all. Here safety, warmth and food are the first objectives. Reading it, you enter a world of incarceration, brutality, hard manual labour and freezing cold - and participate in the struggle of men to survive both the terrible rigours of nature and the inhumanity of the system that defines their conditions of life.
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