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Trading Up. Bushnell C. / Всё на продажу

Trading Up. Bushnell C. / Всё на продажу

Автор: Кэндес Бушнелл, 551 стр., издатель: "Little, Brown and Company", ISBN: 0-349-11494-3, 9780349114941, 978-0-349-11494-1

When Janey Wilcox makes it big as a Victoria's Secret model, she finally gets the celebrity status she has always craved. Suddenly the car of her dreams is hers, and even better, so is that house in New York's exclusive Hamptons. No longer will she have to choose her boyfriends according to who has a house she can summer in. At the most exclusive of Hampton parties, Janey finds herself mingling with Hollywood celebrities and the cream of New York society. But all this is secondary when she is charmed and captivated by a handsome, successful man, a man who quickly becomes her new beau. Janey, though, is not the type to live happily ever after, especially with her chequered past of far from good behaviour…
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Рейтинг книги: starstarstarstarstar 5 из 5, 10 голос(-ов).

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